The Common Cocktail Cure-All

You won't be disappointed

We’ve been to awesome cocktail bars all over the world and love what shrubs bring to the game. They add a completely new dimension to cocktails. And for people whose life doesn’t revolve around complicating booze, they can be used to make delicious sodas or flavored waters.

Horball's Famous Cocktail Menu

After a ton of really hard work trying out (and perfecting) these recipes, we would like to present the official Horball's 2020 Drink Menu! As always, drink responsibly and support local businesses when enjoying these cocktails, mocktails, and beertails. If you are looking for suggestions on brands to try for any recipe, drop us a line.

If you would like a beautiful copy of the menu printed on card-stock and laminated, send us $10 and we will get it to you!

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