Cucumber Mint Drinking Vinegar

Cucumber Mint Drinking Vinegar

Liquid Freedom Drinking Vinegar

Horball’s 12oz Liquid Freedom Drinking Vinegar offers a punch of cherries with highlights of vanilla, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. Like all of the Horball’s products, it is made in small batches with care in Raleigh, NC.
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What is a Shrub? The American version of the shrub has its origins in 17th century England where vinegar was used as an alternative to citrus juices in the preservation of berries and other fruits for the off-season. By the 19th century, typical American recipes for shrubs used vinegar poured over fruit—traditionally berries—which was left to infuse anywhere for several days; afterwards, the fruit would be strained out and the remaining liquid would be mixed with a sweetener such as sugar. The sweet-and-sour syrup could be mixed with either water or soda water and served as a soft drink, or as a mixer in alcoholic cocktails.

The Horball's Difference We care about quality – quality ingredients, quality manufacturing, and quality flavors. When a customer buys a Horball’s product, they know that the finest, freshest ingredients were curated into a magnificently tasting product. We don't skimp on the packaging either... you won't find plastic bottles and chintzy screw caps - sturdy glass bottles and high quality branding draw attention to a bottle of Horball's on the shelf. We believe in a green Earth and sustainable manufacturing; our production facility is powered by a solar array.

And if for any reason you don’t like it – tell us why and we will help you get a different flavor to try out!

What drinks can you make with a shrub? This is one of the questions we get the most: you can make almost any kind of drink with a shrub. Sweet, sour, tangy, refreshing, bubbly. With or without alcohol. Just combine 1oz of your favorite shrub with soda, a liquor, or follow one of our recipes. If you come up with an awesome recipe, share it with us! Try one of our favorite recipes below:



Horball's Sixth Borough

  • 2 oz rye whiskey
  • 0.5 oz Horball’s Liquid Freedom drinking vinegar
  • 3/4 oz dry vermouth
  • Splash of angostura bitters


When the going gets tough and crazy people are making decisions, just remember... an Old Fashioned won't ever argue with you about politics. Enjoy your Freedom - now in portal liquid form made with the finest cherries (Prunus avium), spices, and awesomeness.

Combine the rye whiskey, drinking vinegar, and vermouth in a large heavy walled glass with 2 or 3 ice cubes. Stir for 15 seconds and strain into a rocks or Manhattan glass. Add a dash of bitters with flair. Then just enjoy it.


Ingredients: cherries, sugar, distilled vinegar, balsamic vinegar, turbinado sugar, allspice, vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, whole cloves.